If Petula Clark's Downtown, Phidelma Gusset, Isetta cars and koalas, Quack Circles,
The 9.25 Express or Maggot Moments mean anything to you, you're in the right place!

Welcome to this unofficial history of Children's BBC Presentation, aka The Broom Cupboard.

Most recent updates:

28.09.16 - Phillip's Mysterious Cities of Gold songsheet added
29.02.16 - Shock hitherto unknown Chris Jarvis handout shot added
25.03.15 - New clips: Great Storm, Wizz Vid and Edd's Oldest Fan
24.03.15 - New clips: Defenders Karaoke Party, Yellow Broom Cupboard and Simon's Last Link
23.03.15 - An actual Quack Circle added!
23.03.15 - New clips: Petula Clark Interview, See You in 1987 and Now On Two Trail
13.03.15 - New clips: BBC "B" Ident (v3), Chipmunks Vote Result and Tom Jones
12.03.15 - New clip: What's Your Story 2-Way
10.03.15 - New clips: The Whole Team Next Door and Aaaaand Terry Nutkins
08.03.15 - New clips: Itsy Bitsy Edd, New Progs On The Box and Duck Tracy
25.02.15 - Many video clips added
24.02.15 - Interview with Debbie Flint added
26.12.14 - Presenter list page added
20.09.13 - Interview with Siobhan Maher-Kennedy added
30.03.13 - Shock hitherto unknown 2001 handout shot added
04.07.09 - Philippa Forrester 1990 handout shot added. Some images now enlargable
06.01.09 - Simeon Courtie interview added

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